Sunday, September 9, 2012

My It Works Wraps Review

My It Works Review

You may have heard of their body wrap products, because It is the top selling natural based body contouring company in the world. They claim that you can lose inches. They are all over the TV, Internet and lets not forget FaceBook. How can we ignore something when it's constantly on our face, specially what they are claiming their products can do.

So like any normal human, my curiosity took a hold of me. 

I started my research on this magical products. Honestly I didn't get too much from the Internet. I was looking for real reviews, from real people like you and I. 

I didnt give up thank goodness! You'll see why.

I really wanted to find that awesome product that did what the company claim. So far It Works was by far the only company in a long time that aroused my curiosity.

I was really hoping that their products would work, because since having my son 14 years ago, (yea long time) I have being beyond over weight. I did the healthy eating and working out. I even joined a gym spending a bunch of money to end up with a firm body that I couldn't see because it was all under my flab.
Yes, I did manage to lose the weight. But, now I have the loose skin. I can't seem to get rid of the "baby pouch" nor my "bat wings". Yea, you know what I'm talking about, that skin under your arms that flap around like if I'm waving flags. Lol

I finally had a great idea.

I did what anyone would do and what I should of done to start with, I started asking my friends. Many of my friends had basically as much info and skepticism as I did, except for one.
 Stephanie, she calls me one morning to let me know she has being using the products with great success.

OMG! Really? I asked questions after questions. She text me some before and after pictures, to say the least I was blown away. I ccouldn't believe that It Works! Really works. She looks amazing, no bat wings and no gut. Her skin looks awesome and her stretch marks have faded. 

She invited me to her distributors wrap party, I couldn't be more excited...

Finally the wrap party date arrived, I couldn't be more anxious. I met with my friend Stephanie at the party and she introduced me to the host Olga, a really nice lady.

I got to try the body wraps right there and then. Olga took pictures of my ugly arms and wrapped me up.  It was the most exciting and longest 45 minutes I ever had. If you had these bat wings for as long as I have,  I'm sure you know why I was so anticipating this moment.

The timer went off and I jumped off my seat getting ready to unwrap, with my heart full of hopes. Olga took the wraps off and rubbed the excess gel all over my arms till it disappeared. Then she took my after pictures, I ccouldn't wait to see if there was any difference.

Once she imported the pictures, my jaw leaterly dropped. I'm looking back and forth with disbelief. I'm not going to tell you my arms where not swinging any more, But there was a difference. It was enought to become a believer and get hooked.

Now I know for a fact that It Works body wraps is a good product. I cant wait to get started and feel guilt free from not wasting my money on products that doesn't work like many I have tried before.

I'll soon post some pictures so you guys can see how great my arms look. The great part is that I can wrap just about any area and use the gel for other sagging body parts like my neck. 

I hope I have helped you decide if this product is right for you and giving it a try. I know now a days is a little hard to believe on a lot of things that sounds too good. Let me tell you after my husband saw my first before and after pictures, he wants to do it too. I'll post his pictures as well.

Here is my husbands before and after one wrap:

Keep in touch so you can see the new me, when I'm done  I'll have no problem showing my skin. Lol

It feels great to share  my experience with anyone that  is willing to take a few minutes to read.

Bottom line: It Works Really Works

Please feel free to comment with any questions or for more info..

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  1. Hi guys

    First thank you for all the emails. I'm sorry that I didn't post more info on my friend and how to reach her. After receiving many enquiries on how to reach Olga I decided to post it here. Besides the point of this review is to help everyone get fit and look their best.

    She is located in Oahu Hawaii, but you can reach her from her website. Https://

    Let me know how it goes with your transformation ;)

  2. I am on my 3rd wrap and I have barely seen a difference. I have always drank plenty of water and YES I am drinking half my body weight. I am eating normally which is healthy. I have one more wrap to go. I am not a heavyset person, but I do have a gut. Maybe it takes longer on people with bigger stomachs? I didn't expect a huge result first go around, but I did expect to see something. I will try one more box of wraps and THAT IS IT!!! All I know is after this I am cancelling my card and getting a new one so they can't charge me for any more shipments else especially that cancellation fee.

    1. You can also other items to qualify for the three shipments. You do not have to only order wraps. But, fyi, one wrap worked wonders for me...I am a mother of for and have two children within a year apart.

    2. I spent over 200 dollars. I bought fat fighters I bought thermofit I bought greens on the go... three times. And I lost only 5 pounds after all the pulls were gone. I did everything I was told from the rep as well as the bottle.
      I'm already vegetarian. I've done parasite cleanses and liver colon cleanses. I just needed to shed belly weight from c sections. I got one wrap for free for joining. And that was the biggest mistake of my life. As soon as I put it on my belly, I felt sick. Almost like a panic attack. I felt cold inside and I freaked out. I took it off. RUBBED the stuff off with coconut oil I use as my lotion... I drank a tablespoon of coconut oil I use for oil pulling an cooking. Drank this in room temp water. And about thirty mins later didn't feel as if I was about to die. Research the ingredients. They aren't natural at all. I am obviously allergic and wasted my money I should have spent on organic fruits and vegetables and NOT this crap. Trust me. From what I'm told it takes 6 wraps to see results. I'm not putting myself through that scare. I'll just invest in brazillian butt lift fat transfer. Money well spent. And it's outpatient.

  3. This was perhaps the biggest waste of money ever. It did absolutely nothing! Even after my skepticism the girls in charge of the 'wrap party' convinced me that it was guaranteed to work. I messaged them four days later of my complaint. They told me "Well, we told you it may not work. But if you buy four more it will!" I then complained to the company; still no response! >:( Don't buy anything from them

  4. Did you take before and after photos to see side by side. It is hard for us to see a difference in our own bodies because we don't neccessarily see ourselves correctly. You need to have side by side before and after photos. You could even try measuring yourself. These products DO work! I have been thrilled with my results and those of my closeset friends.

    1. I agree, my before and after photos r very convincing!

    2. They do not work on everyone. The wrap made me sick Instantly. And thermofit and fat fighters didn't do anything but 5 pounds after the bottles were done. I could drop five pounds without pills. In fact. I attribute those 5 pounds to my upping the coconut oil I take. I wasted over 200 dollars to get sick and lose 5 pounds? Wasn't worth it

  5. IT Works!! Did NOT work for me. I purchased the skinny pack and couldn't wait to try it. I of course was all caught up in the hype. I did a wrap on Monday... nothing changed. I did a wrap on Tuesday... nothing changed. I measured myself before during and in between the wraps just to make sure and there is absolutely NO change at all. I was taking the pills and using the other lotion that came in the pack and for what? There is absolutely no change at all in me... not even half an inch lost.

    Oh well, you live and you learn... I purchased $100 snake oil.

  6. It isnt just about the "WRAP" its also about healthy eating, and drinking plenty of water. My distributor has lost 50 lbs and several double digits... in inches. I have done one wrap, and although I dont have huge results, I did lose 3.5 inches. Remember that you cant continue to eat like a cow and expect a miracle drug or wrap to transform you! You are fighting against what you are trying to do. Getting FIT isnt a fad, it isnt a miracle that you take and continue on as usual,getting fit is a lifestyle! I did take the side by side shots with my camera. Results do show ...try it. Please dont give up! I didnt just do the wraps, I bought the fat blockers, greens, and the thermo.Nothing is a magic pill or drug...NOTHING...but this is as close to one that I have found.Perhaps it doesnt work the same for everyone, but dont give up after one application! Talk to a different distributor...Here is mine...her name is Cathy.
    I am/was a skeptic as well...but I have SEEN the difference and I know it works! Blessings~~

    1. I'm already vegetarian. Holistic. DIY. From coconut water and oil to Diatomaceous Earth food grade to probiotic to uncle lees green tea and lots of it with how water and tea bags and yogi kiver detox tea to serrapeptase enzymes. I know alot about health. I had cortisol hormone go haywire. And ended up gaining weight.
      I weighed myself prior to taking thermofit, and fat fighters. I actually GAINED weight when I was halfway done. I spoke to rep and took advice took them how she said. Still nothing. And the wraps suck. It made me nauseous. After 3 mos I lost 5 pounds but this I believe is due to me upping my coconut oil dosage from a teaspoon a day to 2 tablespoons. And not these products. Wasted hundreds for what?

  7. I tried the Wraps, the Greens and the Ultimate Thermofit. Did exactly what the directions told me to do. One month later, not one pound gone and not one inch lost. SCAM!!!!!

    1. There may be other dynamics as to why you didn't see any results. You may email me if you like to discuss this further.. Everyone that I have consulted have seen results ... There are so many amazing products that can help you reach your fitness journey goals

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Same here I did the triple threat and gained weight. I was 150 before I started ....gained 10 pounds halfway through the bottle. I did thermofit, fat fighters, and greens on go. Smh. I guess these people think we spend our money but don't do what it says to do. Like we're retarded and have money to burn. When I'm told so and so dropped 80 pounds in a month and I gain weight on it... I say it's bull. I'm already vegetarian about to go vegan. So diets perfect. I eat genesis 1 29. In fact the greens on go cause me to have very dark almost black green stool. All I eat are fruits vegetables grains nuts seeds herbs spices so why this stuff causes that to happen is, either my body doesn't even need the extra "nutrients" and discards them, or there's a major amount of food color in that powder. I say research brazilian butt lift fat transfer. At least you'll get what you imagined. If you see my posts erased it's because the truth hurts. I know what I experienced. I bought this crap 3 mos before my biometrics screening to help and I failed it. Last year's numbers were all in healthy ranges and I got the incentive. This year I had 5 follow up boxes checked. Smh. I ended up walking every evening 2 weeks ago and upped my coconut oil to 2 tablespoons a day now I'm 153. Instead of 160 I jumped taking these pills. I must be allergic. Or something. Even the wrap made me sick to my tummy. I eat real food organic food and this isn't natural my body proved it.


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